Oh boy. That Asimov’s article by Norman Spinrad provoked quite a reaction from the blogosphere (gosh, what a silly word that is).

In cases like this, Ian McDonald’s right: it’s more interesting to listen than to opine.


On his blog, Jeff VanderMeer asked his readers to spread the word about the recent article he wrote for Locus Online. It is an overview of World SF, featuring recommendations by international writers, editors, and publishers. All of these works could do with a bit more exposure, to say the least.

Do check it out; if it proves popular enough, it may become a regular feature. World SF needs all the attention it can get. (You might also want to check out the World SF blog.)

I want to pay closer attention to the international SFF field, starting with my own country. There’s still a lot I need to discover, even about Austrian fantastic fiction. Thankfully, there’s at least one eminent expert, namely Franz Rottensteiner (Stanislaw Lem’s former agent), who has compiled a number of books about Austrian (and German) science fiction. He’s also had an article in a recent Locus issue, about the state of German fantastic fiction. I have to start somewhere, so I think I’ll start with him, in particular with his book The Black Mirror and Other Stories.

At some point, I want to write my own Austria-based SF novel. After all, why shouldn’t I write about stuff I know? I have a few ideas already, but nothing concrete.