My, the past two weeks were busy, with writerly stuff – Steve and I recently finished revising the manuscript of The Tears of Eridanus (sent off to our editor last week), and then we worked on the What’s Past galleys. There was some other stuff, too, including website translations for my brother, but now I can relax for a bit.

So, here’s some linkery:

The aforementioned monkey police, consisting of one pig-tailed macaque, on patrol in Thailandvia

The Last Supper portions have gradually become bigger and bigger over the past centuries, as sufficient food became more easily availablevia Mother Jones

Having fun with toy stormtroopersvia Dark Roasted Blend

The Hypothecial Library – actual covers for nonexisting books


I admit I’m not the world’s biggest SW fan, but I like it well enough to appreciate what other people do with it in their creative endeavours.

Such as this, for example. Dark Roasted Blend has become a must-see site recently, and I pop by there regularly. They collect the weird, the wacky, and the wonderful. Their SW collection is all that, and more. Make sure to check out all three parts.

But even better is this here (and I think Allyn will like this): LEGO Hoth – photos taken of LEGO figures in the snow. Absolute perfection, this is.

  • Writing-wise, my Secret Writing Partner and I have done some work over the past few months, but mostly we’ve been collecting rejections. I mind them much less than I thought I would.
  • Due to me having less money available for my hobbies, I’ve finally begun to reduce the size of my library’s unread section. Of course, the number of the books I want to buy continues to increase unabated. On Sunday I finished Jon Courtenay Grimwood‘s Arabesk trilogy and, while I have one of his other books, I want to read more of his work. The same thing is true for Lois McMaster Bujold – I’ve read her three Chalion books and have picked Barrayar as the next book I read, so the rest of the Vorkosigan series might well end up on my wish list.
  • I’m not the first person to say this (Warren Ellis got there first), but it bears repeating: this show needs to get made. I love everything about it!