Last night I dreamt the entire first episode of the upcoming series of Doctor Who.

It was a good episode. The details are a bit fuzzy now, but I remember the main things: Amy Pond wasn’t in it, nor was the TARDIS. There was a lot of running around in rooms and corridors. Matt Smith was acting the heck out of everything. And he had a hammer, for some reason. There were two Doctors, actually – or at least one Doctor and one person who thought he was the Doctor, similar to The Next Doctor and Minuet in Hell.

There were monsters. Great monsters, at that. Monsters with a spider’s lower body and legs and an upper body like an angel. This sounds like I was mixing up two Christmas specials, but the effect in the dream was much better than just a cross between the Racnoss and the Heavenly Host.

And then there was the new theme. My goodness, it was a great theme! Not as bombastic as the latest versions, but more subdued like Delia Derbyshire’s, with an underlying line of ticking clocks. I want to hear this theme again!