• Writing-wise, my Secret Writing Partner and I have done some work over the past few months, but mostly we’ve been collecting rejections. I mind them much less than I thought I would.
  • Due to me having less money available for my hobbies, I’ve finally begun to reduce the size of my library’s unread section. Of course, the number of the books I want to buy continues to increase unabated. On Sunday I finished Jon Courtenay Grimwood‘s Arabesk trilogy and, while I have one of his other books, I want to read more of his work. The same thing is true for Lois McMaster Bujold – I’ve read her three Chalion books and have picked Barrayar as the next book I read, so the rest of the Vorkosigan series might well end up on my wish list.
  • I’m not the first person to say this (Warren Ellis got there first), but it bears repeating: this show needs to get made. I love everything about it!