I decided to give NaNoWriMo a try this year. Last year I didn’t, because I had a paying gig to worry about (theoretically, The Tears of Eridanus should come out next summer or thereabouts). The year before I tried to follow up on my first-time success in 2006 but failed utterly (my enthusiasm left me quite early on). I don’t think it’ll work out this year, because of a combination of two factors: a) I got stuck in a scene that’s rather difficult to write and didn’t write anything for a few days, and b) I agreed to translate websites for my brother’s business, which is currently taking up my evenings.

I don’t think I’ll even hit 40K this month, especially since I have a short story to revise, another to finish, and a third to begin writing (all on spec, in case anybody wants to know). I’m not giving up on NaNo entirely, even though I’m defeating its purpose by not even trying to hit the daily 1,667 words. Those first few days, I’d start writing as soon as I got home from work and hit my goal only around midnight, which meant that I had stared at a computer screen for close to twelve hours a day, and that’s simply too much.

It’s time for a change of habits: more physical exercise, less time spent in front of a computer. I will take more walks, at least; while I had a few months in the summer I was quite enthusiastic about running two to three times per week, I’m easily discouraged by bad weather and colder tempteratures, so I’m going to wait until the spring to start again. Lunch break is just long enough to get a brisk walk in almost every day, so that’s what I’m going to try from now on.