(with apologies to Jake and Elwood Blues)

My Secret Writing Partner and I seem to have a habit of coming up with ideas that at first look like short story material, but the more we think about it, the longer they get. At least, that’s the trend with our original fiction, which we’ve been trying to pursue steadily over the past year or so. Steve starts writing a short story that then turns into a novella as soon as I get my hands on it, and then gets longer and longer until it has to be a novel (not finished yet, in case you were wondering).

And now it was my turn, plotting out another short story that went the same route. I don’t mind; it’s just that we need to figure a lot out before we get to write this thing. At least now I know better and won’t start with this unless I have a finished outline in hand.

That’s what I’m working on tonight. The third of an outline mentioned in the title will get a thorough make-over, and then it’s off to SWP, who’ll let me know if he approves of it or not.