Well, not really. It just sounds good. :D

The novel’s been submitted, that much is true. Now we eagerly await our editor’s reaction to it. In the meantime, I have enough to keep me busy. Most important for this blog are of course my writing endeavours, whose targets are the SF and fantasy stories my Secret Writing Partner and I are trying to get going.

I find that I need some visual aspect to help me along, whether it’s a map or a drawing or, as has become possibly by my somewhat recent decision to learn how to use Google’s SketchUp, 3D models of spaceships and buildings. For a collaboration such as ours, having something to actually look at instead of having it described can only be an advantage, especially since I’d much rather show than tell.

This past week has brought us a number of interesting science news: from “weird life” (I just love that phrase – it’s so refreshingly non-scientific) to the revelation that there could be “billions of Earths” out there, to the joint NASA/ESA project to explore Jovian moons. I linked to these sites not only for their (disputed) factual content, but for the ideas they give me (well, except for the “billion Earths” one, since that is pretty much the basis for every SF story ever told). At least now I don’t have to put them off, since the novel’s submitted and I can concentrate on other things for a while.