I know, I know. I’m much too late, and nobody’s interested. Tough.

My entire stay in the US was great, but if there’s one thing I have to single out, it is of coure SL, although the book-buying marathon the day before comes VERY close.

Anyway. We (, his friends Chris and Jon, and I) arrived at the Marriott just after four and checked in immediately. Then we stood in line to get our badges (on the third attempt, we picked the right queue – people standing in front of the signs made it somewhat difficult). As Steve has already mentioned, we went to see the “Blood and Fire” premiere, which was a great way to start the convention, being so full of (unintentional) humour that things were off to a great start. I mean, you can’t beat Denise Crosby changing into a space butterfly, can you?

Then we got something to eat before we went to the Pocket presentation, the first part of which we missed, but it turned out we didn’t actually miss anything, since there were slight issues with technology. Of the covers presented, I got to see only a few, and then only in thumbnail size.

After that, we had the main event (in my opinion, anyway): Meet the Pros. My second, and the first on the other side of the signing table. A weird feeling, and yet such a great one. “Are you in this book?”, indeed.

See the gallery for three selected images from that evening. Be prepared to be shocked.

And then, the bar. I had a great time there, both on Friday and on Saturday, even though I never got to talk to most of the people I knew. Another time (2010?) …

Saturday started with Bob Greenberger’s movie presentation, which sadly also encountered technical difficulties, and then the Boogie Nights, and although that’s a great way to start the day, Steve’s right in saying that the evening concert suited them better. Still, I’m glad I went, because I had a great time. After that, there was the The Sky’s the Limit panel, which went well. I managed to say most of what I wanted to say, actually.

I went to most of the actors’ Q&As, and I have to say that they were all very enjoyable. My favourite probably was Malcolm McDowell, mostly because he was so bloody honest about absolutely everything. (“I don’t remember anything!” “I did it for the money!” “I hated every single second of it!” “What a load of crap!” etc.) Then, the Quality of Leadership panel, and then the masquerade, which was fun, although I sometimes had a hard time understanding the reason behind some costumes (i.e. Mirror Scotty).

Sunday: the Doctor Who panel by , , and , amongst others, followed by lunch, the obligatory S.C.E. panel, another Doctor Who panel, and then three actors’ Q&As, before we got to Mystery Trekkie Theatre 3000.

All in all, I had a great time there and want to be back when I get the chance.