This is my first post in 2008, and indeed my first post in over half a year. The reasons for that are numerous, but let’s just say that I don’t find blogging about personal stuff as appealing as I did before. Coupled with some other changes in my life that include selling my Trek DVDs, this made me reconsider the purpose of this journal. From now on, this will be for all intents and purposes a blog about my writing endeavours. I won’t rule out that there may be the occasional post about private or at least not writing-related matters, but the majority of posts will be about writing. I’m also making an attempt to be as regular about this as possible, meaning that, if I write something, you can expect to find out what it is (at least in rough terms), how much I wrote, and how I feel about it. :)

Most of my LJ friends are writers, and some of them post almost daily updates. Of them all, I find ‘s particularly encouraging (and, at times, envy-inducing).

Some time ago, wrote in his journal about his story-a-week program. I’m now trying to do something similar, except that I’m also working on something else with my Secret Writing Partner which we send back and forth. My plan is: whenever I send something off to Steve, I keep on writing, ideally on a new story, with a daily minimum of 500 words during the week, and 2,000 on holidays and weekends. That would yield me a weekly word count of 6,500 at least, which isn’t so bad. Enough for a short story, certainly.

I know I can do that. In fact, I’ve been doing this for the past three weeks. I finished a story, which is now in the good hands of my SWP, and continued with the other thing that he sent back to me last week. I had a good day on Thursday, writing 3,500 in total.